About the method


For these trainings you don't have to know
how to ride a horse.


These are self-knowledge experiences with simple exercises. You will communicate with the horses through body-language, sounds and energies, without even getting on its back. We are working with calm and healthy horses in such an environment where you will have the opportunity to recharge yourself and gain conscious attention.

We offer this for those who: are longing for trust and self-confidence, endeavour assertiveness, put too much or too little energy into their activities, are ready to change their behaviour patterns, endeavour partner-based communication in their work and private life as well.



I'm 31 years old. I have a 31 years old horse.
We grew up together.


I was 6 months old when my father set me on the back of Morci for the very first time. My earliest experience is how our heart beats synchronized, how I became one with this powerful, huge, yet gentle being. When I was 6 years old, I was already riding him alone. I have tiny memories: the crack of a branch, boars in the bushes, Morci stops, I calm him down with a few touches, and here we go again. Or when after that gallop in the February cold I took of the saddle, his body was steaming, and we felt the flow and power of life. Other times everyday life makes me exhausted and depressed: it can be seen that Morci feels the same way as well, his movements are broken, fragmented, and there is no harmony in him. Then I scratch his ears, I hug his neck, he loves that so much, and I smile again, I feel the flow again.

This is the point. The horse is a mirror: we see ourselves in him. The horse is a partner: he pays attention to us, he communicates with us. The horse with its closeness can bring back something so vulnerable, so easy to loose: our very selves.

With my work I would like to give people experiences of self knowledge. The coexistence with a horse – this ancient experience – can help us to get closer to ourselves, can make us appreciate what we have, or even to long for what with own.



One of the main element of the horses survival strategy
is the examination of their environment.


The active attention of a horse, his perceptions and fast reflections to energies and intentions can give unique experiences for those people who are open to these. Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals, they clearly react to the physical and psychological processes of a human. They react to our changing pulse, they have extremely sophisticated perception for body language, according to some researches they can even sense the changing level of adrenalin. The time we spend with horses is interactive, since we are also “reading” their body language and their gestures.

Horses give us pure reflections, without judgments, about the things we carry in ourselves.

The time we spend with horses helps to listen better to our intuitions, to turn our attention towards our inner self and to our body, and to experience a sort of deeper trust.





lovardatulajdonos, lovaskultúra oktat

cavallo lovasudvar, vasztélypuszta



"An old dream of mine came true with the trainings taking place in my stables with the help of my horses."

Calm and intimate environment is key regarding the sessions. Cavallo Lovasudvar is located in a breathtaking surrounding far enough from the noises of the city. The spirit of the place focuses on personal experiences without mass activities. In this environment horses can live a real horse life , and you can be truly yourself.


Kovalik Natasa

International horse assisted trainer, expert in communication,

Founder of Natív


I live in the closeness of horses since childhood. I got my diploma of Communications and Hungarian Literature, then I become a make up artist. After 12 years of work in fashion and movies, I made a decision to try myself in new areas. I wanted to somehow link the time spending with horses and helping humans together,, because I felt that these animals  bring inner peace, ratio and guidance in my life. In 2016 I become an international horse assisted trainer. Currently, I am working on developing the Natív method, our aim is to introduce self knowledge development with the help of horses in Hungary.

viktória tégely

horse assisted trainer


I graduated in Pscychology from university in Hungary. Me myself I had the chance to experience the Nativmethod a few years ago, where the proximity of horses and nature calmed my mind and helped me experience exactly what it means to be „here and now” in the present. It is when I can exclude everything around me and focus on my feelings and emotions, which will eventually lead me to my own needs. Horses, by nature, help us with this process creating an extremely intimate feeling when a connection is made between a person and a horse, we react to each other, we synchronize, and we create a flow together that I can only experince during activites to which I fully surrender myself, both physically and mentally. This experience fundamentally changed my life a couple of years ago and I became interested in the process behind the experience, the method itself. I also participated in the Nativmethod Mentoring Program where I learned about the approach and methodology of equine-assisted learning, and since then I have been broadening my knowledge about horses and horsemanship skills as well as animal-assisted self-knowledge experiences in several professional workshops.


'One to one ‘
self knowledge sessions with horses

These sessions are all about you. Single sessions give an opportunity to deepen your inner reflections. I offer you secure boundaries to work on your conflicts, on your self-confidence, on your self-fulfilment, to find your harmony. Bring here what is the most on your mind. You will surly progress in these: communication, confidence and self-confidence, active presence, body language, assertiveness, playfulness, creativity, inner joy, the verbalization of your feelings, realization of you behaviour patterns, fight against your fears, self knowledge, dynamism.

3 times 1 session

(2 hours)

or a full day


Self knowledge sessions with horses for groups

Group sessions offer secure boundaries for getting honest reactions from your environment, as an opportunity to discover your hidden behaviour patterns and inner strengths. You will have the chance to realize and verbalize your feelings towards others and yourself as well. You will surly progress in these: cooperation, communication, team work, assertiveness, self expression, active presence, creativity, playfulness, inner joy, realization of you behaviour patterns, confidence, self knowledge.


9.00 – 17.00


Women in leading position

This full-day workshop is for women who wants to face their leader abilities, no matter if they currently work in leading position or not. Horses communicate without prejudice: they help you to realize how do you enforce your interests. You can experience your behaviour patterns that helps or prevents you, your own prejudices about yourself that you better get rid of, and your strengths that you didn't even know about.

You will surly progress in these: self-confidence, credibility, discovering your own boundaries, assertiveness, using your energies with consciousness, body-language, communication, empathy, verbalizing emotions, conflict management, releasing yourself.


Self-knowledge days for partners

Every partnership has its own strengths, no matter whether we talk about brothers and sisters, parents and children, business partners, or spouses.

It is hard to discover these strengths in the rush of everyday life. Here you will have the opportunity to see your pair form the outside, to discover your common interests, to make these conscious in both of you, and to adopt them into practise. You will be able to verbalize your emotions between safe boundaries for yourself and for your partner in a way that it will enrich you as separate individuals and as partners as well. Both of you will surly progress in these: communication, conflict management, spontaneity, verbalizing emotions, realization of your behaviour patterns, assertiveness, releasing yourself, harmony, convergence.

Business partners, couples, spouses, brothers and sisters, and parents with children can all apply.


Family harmony week-end with horses

Get away from your everyday life with your family, so that each and every one of you can recharge. These family sessions gives you an opportunity to deepen your harmony, and to experience how you can work better in unity. We offer you such an environment in which you can pay better attention to yourselves and to each other.

Each and every one of you will surly progress in these: convergence, releasing yourselves, verbalizing emotions, conflict management, playfulness, creativity, self-knowledge, self-expression, harmony, empathy.


Self-knowledge experience for starters and re-starters

“The most important part of any work is the start.”– Plato


Every fresh start begins with a step forward into the unknown.

We offer this training for those who got stuck at the starting line. You will be able to discover your resources, to set your new goals, to face your inner or outer strengths that hold you back. I offer you this opportunity if you want to change you behaviour patterns, your prejudices about your own self, so that you can start or restart afresh with deeper self-knowledge.


The art of leadership

The art of leadership is a unique and strong workshop witch helps you to progress in your leader position.

Find the way of leadership that comes the most from your inner self. Discover and use effectively the knowledge you already have, without masks and playing any fake roles. In the herd horses live in natural hierarchy. They always give the leading role to the most creditable and dominant individual. They don't have any prejudices about you, they don't care about your clothes or about the car you came with.

They can point out your strengths and your weaknesses that you need to improve as a leader. You will surly progress in these: credibility, building confidence, conflict management, advocacy, communication, assertiveness, body-language, discovering your own boundaries, empathy. The one-day session is based on the world-known “Horsedream” concept. As qualified EAHAE members we offer leadership trainings for private individuals, for companies and for groups as well.


Team building

Horse assisted team building is a fun and uplifting experience, that helps to develop ‘understanding attention’.

It is an in-depth and liberating experience which helps to assess the resources of the individual and the team, helps to see team dynamics, releases tension from communication and offers new perspectives in cooperation. The exercises are built up on each other helping participants in developing new strategies. The team members can see themselves and their roles in the team from a unique perspective; thus they can find/develop new tools to manage their conflicts. The structure of the program is flexible: it can be designed to suit the needs of the team depending on the focus of development.

We hold single or multiple day trainings, we offer hotels, catering, and side programs on demand as well.





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