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Barbara Énekes

I’ve loved all animals since I was a child, and I always had a dream to own a horse that I can see from the kitchen window. This dream became reality :). Horse riding has always been a big part of my life, but since 2005 I run my own marketing agency at the beginning from Budapest, and in the meantime I had two daughters. For many long years I’ve lived the fast and never stoping big city life, until life happened, and I had to stop.

In 2017, my spine got seriously damaged in a horse accident, and they had to fix it with a 21 cm long piece of metal. It seemed, I won’t be sitting on a horse ever again. At that point, it became clear to me how fragile life is, in which I ran from one thing to another up until now. I knew, I needed something else, so I changed careers and moved to Bálványos in Somogy county.

This new environment and the horse assisted sessions I do, support me in my journey to a slower and more mindful life. To have a deeper experience about the present and those family moments, which are the most important to me. When I can help others live through moments like this as well, that’s just pure joy.


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