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Calmness, honor, happiness, power, these are the things that came home with me. While in the session: excitement, full face off, attention, harmony and time just for myself. I wish a lot more from experiences like this to myself and to others as well.”

It was eye opening how a horse can operate as a special mirror: they only reflect on what comes to them by instinct. It doesn’t matter what I say, it matters how I say it, and most importantly my body language while I say it. It is also by far the most important thing between humans too, still we put much more attention to the dry content.
Péter’s thoughts after our program: The art of leading. He works as a development manager.

A wonderful experience about ourselves form a very different perspective, in a kind and supportive way with fantastic surroundings.
Gyöngyvér, yoga teacher

No experiences like this! Nati was a very supportive trainer and we just adored the horses. Respect! If you want a ‘aha moment’ for your team, a recommend this place! And just for fun as well, these are some cool people…
Gábor Vajas – Country Manager, Pandora

We’ve participated in two team building trainings with Natasa so far, and on both occasions we have had a unique experience. Natasha’s method, the NATIVE Method, is perfectly suited to provide our mixed workplace team with a training that is both personalised for everyone, but also strengthens cohesion and team spirit. Fears were allayed, mutual support and encouragement was given, and if something didn’t go right the first time, encouraging the team as one person made the next rehearsal a success. It was a joy to see how everyone gradually opened up to this experience and perhaps took an element of it with them into their everyday lives. I am glad we took the plunge, and we thank Natasha and her team very much for making it possible also in such a beautiful setting and with great organisation.
Zita Matula Managing Director, PORR Construction Ltd.

Through the non-verbal communication with the horse, I’ve gained a lot of insight into my leading styles.

I went home with confidence, calm and renewed strength and I just think, everyone needs a day like this!

It’s hard to put into words how you feel after a session like this. Relief, gratitude, reassurance – these are the key words that mean the most to me. It’s a healing experience to take a sudden plunge into the unknown and after a while to realise that the horse is like an old friend: it knows, interprets and reacts to my every movement. It is the most natural mirror that we should all look into from time to time. Thanks for the teachings Morci and Nati, who has been my professional guide on this inner journey…

During my university years, I’ve had to endure quite a few weekends of communication and other trainings, and I can safely say that all together they have been nowhere near as useful and effective as this horse-assisted story. From a professional point of view the method is revolutionary, for an inept sceptic of trainings like myself it was mind-set shaping to see that anything like this can actually work. On the personal side…I’ll digest that one.

I’ve spent a wonderful day with the native team! I got out of my comfort zone and still felt at home the whole time. I discovered some of my hidden qualities that definitely made me feel positive and gave me new ideas! Professionalism, informality, playfulness, self-awareness, all in a wonderful environment with a competent team. I can only recommend it to everyone, regardless of age, gender and life situation!

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