Group workshops

These occasions are deep and all about you. We provide a safe framework for you to work through your conflicts, build your confidence, fulfil yourself, find balance. Bring what you are most passionate about: communication, confidence-self-confidence, presence, body language, assertiveness, playfulness, creativity, inner joy, verbalizing feelings, recognizing behavior patterns, overcoming fears, self-awareness, dynamism – you are sure to grow in these.

We humans have both predator and prey qualities.

In today’s world there is a predominance of predatory attitudes, and our mission is to help people understand the value of non-predatory behaviour.

The emphasis is on process rather than purpose, on connection rather than competition, on the interests of the community rather than the individual.

If you’re looking for an environment where your weaknesses aren’t preyed upon, where predatory qualities take a back seat, this is the place for you!  Horses bring the non-predator function, their proximity brings peace and calm, and from this state it is easier to see how we are functioning and to receive feedback from the outside world.

The sustaining power of the group and the honest, sustaining environment created by the horses will help you to release your own inner reserves.

We welcome you to our sessions, which are also special because they allow you to experience, with the help of your partners, experiences that are not your own, but those of someone else in the shared space.

Types of our group programs:

One-day group workshop:

These sessions are one day long and always look at situations with horses through the focus of a particular topic. There is great power in being with new people, in new situations, outside your comfort zone, but the awareness and feedback is done in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space.

Current workshops


In our retreats your body, soul and spirit are united. Through movement, horses, divine food, special places, you can recharge, renew, reconnect with your deepest, most authentic self.

During this time, your inner needs, directions, intentions may become visible and alive, which you may not perceive in the rush of everyday life.

Come and retune your inner compass!

Current retreats

Group process

The great power of Group Processes is that you can get feedback on your performance from new people in new situations, in an environment where no one is out to pick on your weaknesses. In the peer-to-peer sessions, you can see what roles you spontaneously take on in a new community, what your strengths are and where your stumbling blocks are.

In connection with the horse, the conscious dominance of the ego fades and inner wisdom can emerge to help you see yourself, your goals and your needs more clearly. We welcome you to our sessions, which are also special because with the help of a partner you can experience something that is not you, but someone else in the shared space.

Current group process