Individual self-awareness experience with horses

The power of individual sessions, that they’re completely tailored to your needs. You have the full attention and presence of a horse and a facilitator, so you can tune in with yourself more easily.

Self-awareness processes

In processes we can make space for a deeper understanding of a problem or blockage.

Couples’ self-awareness experience with horses

Siblings, parents and children, business partners, husband and wife…etc. – in any way you make a couple, your relationship can harmonize and fulfill the individual needs. In these sessions you can gain a new perspective of how you’re operating with each other.

Group Workshops

At group workshops you can get honest feedback from your environment, to help you recognize your strengths which you may didn’t know about, and how you operate in social situations.

Leadership development with horses

Are you interested in how you can lead and motivate 600 kilograms of pure muscle? Do you want to stay calm and decisive in uncertain situations? Do you want to know how you affect your environment and how can you become more encouraging simply by your presence?

Team building

Horse assisted team buildings can help you relax, have fun and harmonize with your team in an unexpected way. It can be a deep and liberating experience, which beyond energizing, can help…
– to recognize the strengths of the individual and the team,
– in communication difficulties,
– to create a deep and present attention
…and can give a new perspective in working together.

Gestalt Therapy

Discovering the layers of our hopes, accessing and connecting to our feelings, our bodies, seeing how our inner and outer influences determine our thinking and choices – this is what brings us closer to ourselves and our environment.


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