Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not.
Arnold Beisser

The basic principle of Gestalt therapy is that change can be brought about by increasing our awareness.

Discovering the layers of our hopes, accessing and connecting to our feelings, our bodies, seeing how our inner and outer influences determine our thinking and choices – this is what brings us closer to ourselves and our environment.

When I am more aware of myself, I have a better sense of my boundaries, and my needs, my impulses, the ‘shapes’ in my life become clearer.

As a therapist I support my clients to approach their problems in creative, experimental ways and to find new perspectives.
Doors instead of familiar walls.

I recommend it to you if:

You feel like you always find yourself in the same problem circle, only the circumstances change.

You want to perceive more clearly.

You want real connections in your life.

You want to experience the power of here and now.

You find it hard to say no, hard to hold your boundaries.

You’re full of fears, you want to be freer.

You find it hard to make decisions.

You want to experience the full range of emotions, you rarely feel pure joy.

You find it hard to allow yourself to relax.

You seek balance.

Therapy sessions are 60 minutes, the first session is free and online.
Throughout the process, if the client feels like it, we also work with horses on certain sessions.

Price of sessions: 13.500 Ft