In our trainings, you can discover your inner leadership belief and develop your toolbox, i.e. unite your leadership intellect with your emotional intelligence. You will find the leadership style that comes most naturally to you, recognise and effectively use the knowledge you already possess, without role-playing or masks. Horses live in their natural unit, the domesticated stud, in hierarchy. They will pass on leadership immediately when they encounter a credibly dominant, non-predator individual. Horses are able to point out your strengths and areas for improvement as a leader without prejudice. You can experience what behaviours limit or help you, what beliefs inhibit you, what strengths you didn’t know you had.

You will definitely develop in these areas: situational leadership, empathy, trust building, conflict management, advocacy, energy mobilisation, empathy, assertiveness, body language, boundary setting, EQ

Wondering how to control and motivate 600 kilos of muscle?

Want to stay calm and decisive in uncertain situations?

Do you want to know what impact you have on your environment and how you can be more inspiring just by being there?

Do you want to give feedback to your colleagues in a way that generates change?

Do you want to get a clearer sense of the emotions you or your colleagues bring into the meeting room and how they affect communication and effectiveness?

Do you want to look at emotions as a source of information?

Do you want to read the messages behind emotions more clearly?

Do you want to be more conscious of your body language?

Experience a transformative experience outside of your comfort zone where body language, presence and clear communication generate a higher level of external and internal alignment, confidence and self-identity.

Types of the program


In experiential equine leadership development programs, horses can shed light on our leadership style, our communication effectiveness and our collaborative breakdowns in a way that humans cannot. Without words, beliefs, distortions of underlying intentions. The transformation achieved in equestrian training is enhanced by leaving the comfort zone, the closeness to nature, the total involvement and the cathartic experience of interacting with the horse. It synchronizes emotions, thoughts and their expression. During the program, participants work simultaneously with their own individual talents and how they can use them to benefit the community.

The focus is on process, collaboration, external and internal alignment, in addition to goals, leading to a more confident and self-identified presence. The experience is not only stored in the mind, and is therefore easier to recall in necessary situations. During the leadership development program, participants will have both an individual experience and a team task. No riding knowledge is required to participate, they will work with the horses from the ground without sitting on them, leading, herding and calling them in. The exercises will become more complex, with a feedback loop after each exercise and a learning awareness session.

Topics of the program:

Emotion as a source of information

Power in vulnerability

The importance of body language, presence, perception in leadership

The impact of emotions on nervous system states


Judgement-free feedback


Emotions in risk management

Analogies between the equine stud system and human communities

As a result of the program, the participants:

Will have a clearer sense of what emotions they and their colleagues bring into the meeting room and the impact they have.

Will be able to create calmness in stressful situations

Will understand the power of self-identity

Will be more aware of their body language

Will be more empathic

Will be able to turn judgement into curiosity

Types of programs:

This program is available in two versions, depending on your schedule:

5-hour leadership development program

Price 85.000 HUF

3×2-hour process

Price 150.000 HUF


6-session complex leadership development program

“The great realisation of the 21st century is that we are hackable animals” – Yuval Harari

Self-awareness is also important in leadership.

Have you ever looked at yourself as a combination of a predator and prey animal?

Do you have a predatorial or non-predatorial characteristic in your leadership style?

Can you sense when you are in a ‘hit or run’ or ‘freeze’ state of nerves?

Do you want to have a greater impact on your environment with your presence?

If you want tangible experiences, clear feedback on your functioning, this is the place for you.

With specific techniques, you can practice co-regulation, to recognise nervous states and how to view emotions as a source of information.

Horses can sense and give immediate feedback on changes in physiological processes in the body. They can sense changes in heart rate, breathing and help you to become self-identified in any situation.

Equine Leadership Development does not help to reinforce your dominance, but through real experiences provides models that generate situational, EQ-based, self-identical, socially intelligent leadership functioning.

The sessions consist of 4×2-hour equine sessions and 2 online coaching sessions.

Price: 380.000 HUF


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